Block Math – a Singaporean program teaching students to appreciate and solve complex mathematical questions with ease. This program is suitable for students in Primary and Secondary Education

Who invented the Block Method?

This method was introduced in Singapore schools. The method helps students to understand math questions by using modelling.

Why Block Math, Advantages?

Like any other math methods, we choose Block Method due to the fact it helps student s to perform better in heuristic questions. Do you notice long worded questions are tougher for students age from 4 till 15 years old? Oh yes, Block Method Math focus on worded questions. We help students to break up BIG information into smaller.

Suitable for anyone from 4 to 15 years old. Students who is less than 8 years old should be accompanied with a parent so that the concept is delivered precisely

  1. Parents
  2. Teachers
  3. Students

Yes. Singapore Math helps students to solve heuristics questions

Depending on the progress of the students. Some students may take up to 6 months to master while others can master it in less than 2 months

We charge by session. The minimum sessions will be 4 classes

Each Session will cost you GBP 50.00.  The learning process is fun and students will learn how to tackle Math in a creative way.

We charge GBP 200 per session. Teacher can acquire the concept easily. The duration of classes will be 1.5  hour and minimum of 3 sessions are needed.

What will the teacher get

  1. Concept Delivery
  2. Practice
  3. Worksheets for students
  4. Class evaluations base on the worksheets

1st Session (Concept Delivery)
We will teach teacher about Singapore Math

2nd Session (Practice)
A sample of worksheets will be given to teacher, teacher must use Singapore Math to solve the worded question. Another sample of worksheet will be given to students. Teacher must try to guide the students using Singapore Math

3rd Session
Class review base on the worksheets of the students

We do provide 30 minutes of trial class.