Online Tuition Class for Add Math, Math, Science, Physics, Biology & Chemistry
(For Malaysian Students- local syllabus)

Syllabus we teach

We are teaching Malaysian Syllabus. At present we are providing Math, Science, English, Biology, Chemistry, Bahasa Melayu and Add Math



We charge RM 260 - RM 500 per month for each subject. Our course is minimum 8 hours. We are sorry we do not take classes less then 8 hours


Class session

Each class will take up at least 1 hour to 2 hours. Depending of the number of hours the parents engage us.


It Save Tons of time

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Why wait any longer when you can engage us now. Our rates are affordable and studying online is really effective. We provie LIVE tutoring and you can interact with our tutor. Our class size ranges less than 3 people in a group