Online Private Tutoring For GCSE ,SAT & OLevel

We Povide Live Tutoring With 1 to 1 Arrangement

We provide tutoring for various subjects ranging from Math, Science, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Additional Mathematics , World History and Business Studies.


One to one tutoring can be effective for slow and fast learner.  The private tutoring will help students  to excel at their own pace. Always choose this option for better learning experience.  Guaranteed for improvement.

  1. Online Class for Mock Exam Assessment
  2. Online Class for Slow Learners
  3. Online Class for Intensive Revision
  4. Travelling Overseas


  1. International School Teachers
  2. College Lecturer (A Levels, Foundation)
  3. Tutors (more than 5 years teaching experience)



There are many reasons why students across the world choose us. The most preeminent reasons would be reliability, security and affordability. Our rates are really reasonable. WE even provide 30 minutes of FREE Trial Class 

Message From Principal

Edunovice has been providing online 1 to 1 tutoring for 8 years. We have experience teachers teaching IGCSE, SAT and O Level. Our teachers consist of ex school teachers backed with minimum of 10 years of teaching experience. We even have native english tutors both from UK and US.

Choosing Best Tutor: 
Very often our consultant we help to pair up students and teachers. Our teachers will provide free trial class (30 minutes) to our students. This will evaluate our students and further understand their grasp in the subject.

It is safer to run the class online. Unlike traditional tutoring, online tutoring helps to provide  safer environment for both students and teachers.  Avoid sexual harassment, unwanted guest in your house and the stay comfortable with our online tutors. Parents can keep their private life without sharing it to our online tutors.

Cheaper & Economical
Online tutoring is affordable. Best of all, you still get great teachers at a very affordable price